Are you a food addict? Here are some great sites for Food Porn

Are you a food addict? Here are some great sites for Food Porn

‘Foodie’ has become one of the most popular terms used by people to describe their habits in the last few years. Traveller and Sapiosexual or two other words being used generously all around the world by the younger crowd.

 So why is there such a fascination with food in the last few years?

 Ever since the growth of social media platforms like Instagram, foodies have come up with a new term – Food Porn.

Food Porn refers to the glamourized presentation of food in form of pictures and video.

If you are on a constant lookout to find new sources for your food porn cravings, here is a list of sites to help you.

  1. Pinterest

 This will come as a surprise to novice foodies. The best place to hunt for food porn is photo sharing sites and Pinterest is the king of recipe sharing sites. It gets the attention of a huge amount of food bloggers and is also one of the biggest democratic platforms which does not have editorial overviews. Ask any decent food blogger the biggest source of their traffic and they will say Pinterest.

  1. Foodgawker

Foodgawker is a food only photo sharing site. Publishing on this site is difficult as their editorial team is picky. But as a food addict, you will absolutely love them for their pickiness. Photos on Foodgawker makes people drool.

  1. Allrecipes

Allrecipes is a user content driven food website that boasts of 25 million monthly visitors. Apart from looking at appetising pictures, you can follow the recipes and cook great meals on your own. And if you are inclined to, you can add your own recipes to their database.

  1. Instagram

Instagram started the revolution of people photographing their food before tasting it. In most cases, Instagram does not have recipes and finding food only pictures is hard. But, if you follow the famous “Insta-Foodies”, it is super easy to get access to a lot of food porn.

  1. TasteSpotting

TasteSpotting is one of the first food sites that started the trend of food photography. Getting your pictures accepted is not an easy task, and that exclusivity makes TasteSpotting a great option for food porn lovers. Check out the site to see mouth-watering pictures of your favourite foods and be ready to find more taste tickling items than you can eat in a day.